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On Easter 2012, on Florida’s Space Coast, Booker D. Surfdog blasted into Canis Lupus Familiaris history.

From the old Canaveral ruins, at the vanished, replaced, gonzo - historic Cocoa Beach Pier, with the legendary Richard "the Cat" Catri as a wingman, Booker D. Surfdog rocketed into the Surfdog Hall of Fame.

She cut her teeth as a ruthless competitor in the dog-eat-dog surf world of Southern California. And, like many mature athletes who have excelled throughout their careers, she sought to redefine the paradigm and push the envelope into uncharted waters.

Booker D. Surfdog is a world class surfdog. She has been America’s hardest working surfdog, and is now in quasi retirement – recovering from major surgery.

Her ability and drive have served as examples to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. From her humble beginnings she has become a reknown vehicle of therapy for trauma, physical and developmental difficulties. She is a relevant role model for animal and environmental education.

Booker D. Surfdog is a descendant of mankind’s oldest, most beloved and iconic friend. Booker D. is the Founder of the East Coast Dog Surfing Association and the Creator of the Florida International. Her pioneering days behind her, SHE IS the GRAND DAME of the sport. She is frequently imitated, but never duplicated.

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Heart of Surfing

Heart of Surfing began in 2014 as a surfing program for families with autism and quickly expanded to include pre- and post-season skateboarding and a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation activities for special needs individuals age 5 to 95 and their families.


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Booker D. Surfdog has made a name for herself in competition and in community service with disadvantaged kids.

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